Box Office Monthly Tournament

July 2, 2018
Update: We will be ending the Box Office Tournament and its prizes at the end of August. Thank you to all who played and be sure to keep playing these next two months to win prizes before it ends.

KyKyDaKoolKid won this week's box office predictions with a 97/100.

Join in on this month's Box Office Tournament. If you haven't yet, join in on the competition and win a mystery prize every month.

Tournament Rules:
  • Choose our Pick Lists on either Quick Picks or Pro Picks weekly.
  • Results are based on Friday, Saturday and Sunday Box Office numbers.
  • The more often you play, the higher chance you have of winning the Box Office Picks bi-annual Tournament!
  • The highest-scoring Quick Picks and Pro Picks players in each tournament will earn the MVP trophy. In the event of a tie, a winner will be chosen at random from the tied players.

How Points Are Awarded for Quick Pick List:
  • Earn 10 points per correct Quick Pick List
  • Maximum of 50 points awarded for correct ranking

How Points Are Awarded for Pro Picks:
  • A maximum of 100 points awarded for correct ranking and accuracy of gross
  • 5 points for each accurate movie ranking.
  • Up to 5 points based on accuracy
  1.  5 points for a margin of 1-2 million
  2.  4 points for a margin of 2-4 million
  3. 3 points for a margin of 4-6 million
  4. 2 points for a margin of 6-8 million
  5. 1 point for a margin of 8-10 million

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