Heads Up: Another Spider-Man Villain Spin-off Movie Is In The Works, With Jared Leto

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July 16, 2018
by Erik Gjetmundsen

Well I don't really know what I expected. Looks like Sony is gearing up for another Spider-Man-less Spider-Man universe spin-off film that transforms one of his most vicious adversaries into an "anti-hero." On top of that, he'll be played by everybody's favorite Joker, 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto himself! Isn't this exciting!?




The villain in question is Morbius, someone who's basically a Marvel universe vampire. His real name is Dr. Michael Morbius and he had a blood disease. He tried to cure it, it didn't work, and he gained a thirst for blood and super strength. Then he fought Spidey. 

So this basically makes the Sony/Marvel approach clear: Marvel gets to use the actual Spider-Man for their shenanigans while Sony gets to try and turn his various super villains into conflicted good guys for their shenanigans. Will the Wall-Crawler himself ever show up in these films? We'll have to wait and find out if he has a cameo of some sort in Venom when that comes out later this year. 

As for the casting? To be fair, I do think Morbius is a better fit for Leto than The Joker, as the guy already kind of resembles an emo vampire (when he's not busy resembling either a shirtless wannabe punk or hobo Jesus). However, I'm about as excited and optimistic for this movie as I was for Venom, whose trailer I purposefully took about two weeks to get around to.

Like most of these just-announced news, there's not much else to go on but as soon as something noteworthy comes up you can read about here. 

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