Uncle Drew Review

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June 29, 2018
by Kyle Brester
For those unfamiliar with the story behind Uncle Drew, here is a quick rundown. Basketball star Kyrie Irving and Pepsi teamed up to create commercials for their product, Pepsi MAX. Kyrie Irving was put in makeup to look like an old man to trick backyard basketball players into thinking he's not very good at the game. In the end, Kyrie would show off his skills and would leave people speechless, while promoting Pepsi. Somehow, these commercials were the start of the idea to turn Uncle Drew into a feature-length movie. Hearing this as a movie may not seem like a good idea, but to my surprise ends up being a genuinely good time.

Now, I probably had a better time than most because I enjoy basketball. A lot of the story and humor centers around jokes relating to basketball. Not to mention the basketball games that are shown are filmed really well and will have basketball players wanting to leave the movie to play a game or two. For this reason, the movie will mainly be targeting basketball fans first. These fans will be the ones who enjoy Uncle Drew the most. I think there could be some folks who don't enjoy basketball that could have a good time watching, but it'll be a small group who do.

On the outside, it looks like a goofy basketball movie, but really, there is more heart to its overall story than you would think. Yes, having basketball stars such as Kyrie Irving, Shaquille O'Neal, Nate Robinson, and Reggie Miller wearing old man makeup while playing ball is silly to think about, but their characters are written with some good laugh-out-loud moments and with a spirit that makes you want to root for them. Their jokes are very clever and funny, and the story gives you a charming story of family, friendship and revisiting your roots.

If you're one who loves the game of basketball, this is the movie for you. It's a funny, heartwarming story that gives out plenty of laughs and is a much more fun, genuine story than you would think. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then I recommend you to check out Uncle Drew.

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