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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Buyer's Guide?
What is Silver Screen Insider?
Silver Screen Insider is an online movie database that helps theater owners and operators run their business by collecting, creating and disseminating movie distribution information.
Why should I subscribe to Silver Screen Insider?
Silver Screen Insider helps theater owners and operators who want to run a successful theater and enhance their customer service by cultivating current movie news and insights from a number of industry sources including film studios, trade organizations, and veteran exhibitors. SSI gathers all this information to be easily accessible and convenient for the subscriber.
What makes Silver Screen Insider's Movie Database different from other movie databases out there?
Silver Screen Insider was designed for a movie theater owner or operator in mind. We have specific distribution information that only a movie theater operator would need including movie distribution policies and picture and sound formatting information. SSI compiles the most accurate information directly from film studio sources. The SSI movie database is consistently updated to have the most current and up to date information available. 
How Does Silver Screen Insider help theater operators?
By offering a database of information, resources and insights curated for movie theater owners and managers to make educated business and operational decisions.
Who benefits from Silver Screen Insider's services?
Movie Theater owners, from single-screen theaters to large theater circuits.
When is Silver Screen Insider's information updated?
Silver Screen Insider updates our information that supplies our movie database daily. 
I have an international theater. Does Silver Screen Insider work for me?
Currently, Silver Screen Insider gathers predominately North American movie distribution information. All our services can be used for international locations. Film studios do have separate international marketing materials that SSI does not supply. SSI encourages international theaters to reach out to their local trade organizations or film studio representatives for appropriate marketing and distribution materials for their area.
Does Silver Screen Insider secure or purchase movie rights?
No. Silver Screen Insider gathers movie information directly from film studios for the exhibition industry.
Does Silver Screen Insider book movies for my theater?
No. Silver Screen Insider gathers movie information directly from film studios for the exhibition industry. SSI recommends checking out our Buyer's Guide page to find a Film Buyer that can assist you with that process.
What is the Scoreboard?
The Scoreboard is a concise overview of the movie industry release schedule with bonus information on movie box office grosses. It is updated daily and is easily downloadable and printable in pdf format.
How can I download the Scoreboard?
Please login to and click the Scoreboard box located on the right side underneath Announcements on your user dashboard. Remember only Insiders have access to the Scoreboard.
What are Sponsors?
Subscribers to Silver Screen Insider can sponsor other users on the site and pay for their subscription fees. This feature was created with film buyers or circuits with multiple managers in mind. You can gift access to the site to your booth technician, marketing manager, advertising specialist or any staff member. 
How can I contact a film studio representative?
Silver Screen Insider maintains a directory for Exhibitor Relations staff members at each of the film companies under the Studio Contact tab on the Buyer's Guide page. Exhibitor Relations departments are liaisons between the film studio and exhibitors. They can answer questions regarding movie promotions and in-theater marketing initiatives. SSI does not gather or disclose contacts for the production, sales, or the creative side of the movie industry. Studio contacts are only available to Insider subscribers.
What is Off the Break Podcast?
Our in house podcast featuring current movie theater news, information and insights from the SSI staff. Each week we dissect the box office and industry news to target what really affects the movie theater owner and operator. With witty banter, rousing commentary and unique insights, our podcast is the perfect end to each week. Available on all podcast platforms.
What is the purpose of the Box Office Trends page?
Box Office Trends is our comprehensive box office analytics page designed for movie theater owners and operators to analyze up to date movie box office grosses pulled from industry sources and curated by our staff. Our easily digestible charts and graphs will help you compare current box office grosses with previous years. SSI also compiles critics scores and articles breaking down the numbers to put them into the larger context of your theater performance.

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